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Visitors Program

The visitors program is designed to attract national and international scholars for short- to medium-duration residencies at SNU. Short-term residencies can be anywhere from two weeks to three months and can be arranged at short notice with a minimum of formalities. Residencies with duration of four months to a year require a brief research proposal and letters of support. The visitors program is intended to provide a vibrant pool of talent for cross-fertilization of ideas across various disciplines related to informatics.

Post-doctoral positions:
The Center for Informatics in the School of Natural Sciences at Shiv Nadar University, India, from time to time invites applications for postdoctoral positions in computational materials design and network analysis. The Center for Informatics includes active programmes in Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics, Computational Nanoscience and Materials Design. The current research projects of the Center for Informatics focus on:

  • electronic and optical properties of nanoparticles and low-dimensional materials,
  • promising materials for batteries, solar and other energy applications and reactions,
  • nanoparticles in biological systems,
  • network analysis and modeling in chemical, biological and biochemical spaces,
  • applications of Machine learning to cheminformatics & bioinformatics.

Essential Qualifications (for positions a-c): Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry or Material Science, Experience in densityfunctional-theory and molecular dynamics based codes.
Desired expertise (for positions a-b): Experience in the field of graphene, quantum dots, clusters, conjugated polymers, batteries.
Desired expertise (for positions c-d): Experience in computational materials science/solid state physics/quantum chemistry/computational bio-physics/biochemistry.
Essential Qualifications (for position d): Ph.D. in Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics with competence in:

  • Python, Java, C/C++ (essential)
  • Network theory (essential)
  • Game theory (desirable)

Desired expertise (for position e): Strong computational and programming skills with a proven record of publications in cheminformatics or bioinformatics.