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Research Methodology

1. Quantitative Methods:
This module will deal with Data handling and Data Analysis, the elements of Quantitative Logic, including Hypothesis testing, Weight of Evidence, and Domain of Applicability estimation.
2. Research Literature and Seminar:
This part of the course will be conducted as a Journal Club. Each week one student will be expected to read and summarize a research paper from the recent literature in an area outside their
immediate domain of research. The student will familiarize himself/herself with the background necessary to understand the research paper, and will be expected to critically analyze the work and to answer questions from other students and from the faculty moderator(s). Also covered: the research process - meaning of research, objectives, motivation, types; method vs. methodology,
scientific and research method, and detailed description of the research process.
3. Grantsmanship:
This module will deal with identification of a research problem, formulation of a testable hypothesis and design of experiments to address the question. Strategies for writing a fundable research
proposal will be discussed, with particular emphasis on the Specific Aims, and succinctly conveying the significance of the problem to both technical and non-technical readership. Students will refine both writing and presentation skills during this module. Experts will be invited from funding agencies like DBT, DST, ICMR and Wellcome Trust/DBT Alliance to provide recent updates and guidelines for grant submission (as part of an yearly mini-symposium).
[Core course required of all Ph.D. students]

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